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Conscious Culture

Las Segovias, Nicaragua

Las Segovias, Nicaragua

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Taste Notes: Cocoa | Vanilla | Tobacco
Roast: Medium
Body: Medium
Acidity: Mild Lemon

PROCOCER - has its origins in 1998, when the Small Farmers and Ranchers Union of Nicaragua trained 1,200 coffee producers in the organic certification process.  Several dozen of those producers then split off to form PROCOCER Cooperative (Productores de Cafe Organico Certificado Las Segovia), a highly democratic body with an eco-friendly and DIY approach to growing and processing coffee beans.  From its beginnings in 1999, it has encouraged inclusion and representation in its operations, with each district electing a representative to the cooperative’s board. The coop is dedicated to gender equality and each committee is required to incorporate female members.

The producers process their own coffee, striving to limit the use of water as much as possible through a process they call “en seco,” where the cooperative uses and reuses only the minimum amount of water during wet-processing (repeated washings to remove the pulp and mucilage from the coffee seed or “bean.”)

One of PROCOCER’s most remarkable achievements has been to develop a domestic market for high-quality coffee, as opposed to the low-quality, mostly instant coffees marketed to developing countries. 

In recent years, PROCOCER has also been at the forefront in developing coffee-related ecotourism, offering homestays with member families and directing money from coffee sales to further develop tourist infrastructure. PROCOCER currently faces many challenges, including widespread exposure at lower elevations to coffee rust (Roya fungus), but we have faith that this resilient cooperative will continue to meet each and every challenge with the knowledge that both their beans and cooperative structure are widely admired.


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Conscious Culture

A company that strives to showcase where your coffee comes from. Our roasters only roast ethically sourced organic coffee. Our dream is to tell you a story of where the coffee comes from and take you on a journey.